My First Meme

This is the first ever meme I have created. From Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor. I got from a comment posted at the You Tube video:

Hx832fIBefore he drinks the potion to make him into a warrior, the Doctor asked if it would hurt. He turns into the War Doctor who is played by John Hurt.

All the Important Questions

Conditioner Gordon

Now, here of course are Doctor Who Questions:wpid-IMG_492092763250717.jpegwpid-IMG_491812900624594.jpeg

For the next one-

Here is the original quote:

Peter Capaldi will have a Scottish accent as the Doctor. So they made a joke of it:

Well, in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxythere was a planet that had two islands, Easter Island and France.

And the oldest question ever:

Doctor who?
Doctor WhoNow, I have a question: Why are people from the future spoiling Doctor Who Series 8, when it hasn’t even been shown on TV yet? Click the picture below to read the reviews on Amazon:

season 8

This Post is Frozen


I thought that was really interesting (whole reason I put these pictures on this



Did you know that the fairy tale this was based on, The Snow Queen, is nothing like the movie. Learn more about it here.


For those who don’t know this is a line from Yoda in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.


That probably would have been worse…

Frozen-keep_calm Keep_Calm-Frozen

The Twelfth Doctor’s Costume

The Official Doctor Who Facebook page has revealed the costume for the Twelfth Doctor!

Twelfth Doctor


I really like the red lining. Looking at the comments, fans were disappointed for no distinctive marks (i.e. scarf, celery, multi-colored umbrella, bow-tie, etc.), I believe (and other fans) that it is his eyes. They are really distinctive…


And of course, photo shopped versions of the picture appeared on the internet:



Looks like he followed your advice…


He must of learned from his third incarnation…

Good thing he didn’t use his sixth incarnation’s outfit…

I guess it does look a little Dark Side-ish…

Alright, fine, if you say so…

General Conference Dream

My Institute is going to have a choir which will sing at General Conference. I tried out for it. Wednesday night, I had a dream about if I made it or not. In the dream, I didn’t. However, it prompted me to do something in real life. They had a list posted, but I didn’t know where it was, so on Thursday, I finally asked if I made it, and I did. If I hadn’t asked that day, I wouldn’t of been able to participate. I know that God watches after us. He even gives us personal revelation, that can help us, even if it is not super important to my salvation, like singing in General Conference. I am glad I listened to my dream, or what happened in my dream would of came true in real life.