My Website is Now Green- Green is Cool!

Since today is the last day of February, so I thought I should decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. This is the first time where I changed the color. Red is my favorite color, but I think it is good to change the color once in a while. So now you cannot pinch my website on March 17.

By the way I have been making pages for each of the incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Right now, I only have Nine and Ten, but more are coming Soon(ish)! Click on the picture below to go to them:

Doctor Who St. Patrick's

George Lucas Got It Wrong


It really was Obi-Wan who turned to the Dark Side.

wpid-IMG_564308601176658.jpegMore proof that Obi-Wan was the one who turned to the Dark Side. It seems Anakin only turned because he was treated badly. Obi-Wan even admits cutting his legs off.


Meanwhile in China…wpid-IMG_525391968416812.jpeg

The Way- The Doctrine of Christ

I am a Sunday School teacher for my Ward (name for a Mormon congregation). Today a gave a lesson on the doctrine of Christ. I basically had the class teach me and my co-teacher as if we were not members of the Church. One thing we discussed is why are we here? Why would God send us to a place where we can get hurt? Why does He give us rules and punishments? The answer is that we were sent here to learn. If we don’t learn we can’t progress. Like parents on earth (God is our literal spiritual Father), He has rules to keep us safe. He wants us to learn, so He gives us a choice to follow those rules or not. All our choices have consequences. Whether it be punishment or reward. Continue reading

The “Diverse” Federation


Very informative poster:


This part is my favorite:


“Deanna Troi has been at the Enterprise helm twice, in Generations and Nemesis– she crashed it both times.”

Are you saying women aren’t good at flying ships? See, all the major helmsmen are men:

Star Trek Charaters

For a civilization that claims to have diversity, it seems to be that most of the people who have jobs on spaceships are white human males…

And I guess they decided that a ship’s counselor isn’t useful. They just add more stress by crashing the ship.

Why Is 7 Afraid of 8?

To lead into the joke, for the non-Whovians, I will list the actors for The Doctor and their Doctor number:

1. William Hartnell, 2. Patrick Troughton, 3. Jon Pertwee, 4. Tom Baker, 5. Peter Davison, 6. Colin Baker, 7. Sylvester McCoy. 8. Paul McGann, WAR. John Hurt, 9. Christopher Eccleston, 10. David Tennant, 11. Matt Smith, 12. Peter Capaldi


Because 8, 8.5, 9