Signs of the Times

Church of Gallifrey

The pictures of Church signs on the internet are completely real…



Nathaniel's Universe churchsign

I made a church sign for my site, don’t ask me why.

We Have CookiesDisney Strikes Back


An alternate universe where we still use videotapes by the time Star Wars VII comes out, but Disney still bought Star Wars…It's a Trap!

water is wet

I admit the next one is really lame.

not optimus prime

Gen Conf Ticket

Don’t Math with Me

Guess and Hope

Best method ever.

Math Wizard

Whoa, how did yo do that?


If you cannot solve math…


Solve the above problem, then the one below.

Doctor When

I would do math more often if these were the story problems. At least the Ninth Doctor likes my work. By the way the answer is 42 (how? Time Lord math).

Rechnical Difficulties

That is the error I get every time I do math.

Math is really bad. It contains graphic content, including flashing, and asks you too many questions.

News for March 25

First off, check out The Guide to my Universe, for more information on my site. Don’t forget to look at the Mission Briefings for some interactive missions. When new missions appear, I will create another News post for it.

Second I made another Prezi for one of my classes. View it here.

Third, it is Patrick Troughton’s Birthday, so I created a page for the Second Doctor. See the other Doctor’s pages here (there are only three so far, more coming soon). Click on the image below to learn more about Patrick:

Happy BD PT

Ready, Aim, Miss!

Stormtrooper Selfie

“I just hit my target!” said no stormtrooper ever.

Stormtrooper Car


Sorry for those on the e-mail list that got this early! I guess all the previews you get are rewards for signing up. Though you can also get blank posts, and all my other mess ups. I guess I am the opposite of a stormtrooper, I hit the “publish” button too much…