Quotes From Conference Part 2

Here is some more quotes from this General Conference:

Monson- Dark and Light


Holland- Christlike Love

Hales- Follow

Eyrings- Words

Aidukitis-Work Packer-knowledge



Now for my favorite Apostle “Elder Bendar”! You didn’t know there was an Elder Bendar did you (actually, it is supposed to be “Bednar”)?Bendar

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Singing in General Conference


Yesterday, I got the opportunity to sing in General Conference. I felt the Spirit so strongly while I sang. I am glad I was able to share my testimony of the Gospel through song. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. I made some new friends, and was able to share the Spirit to the whole world. Click here to see the videos. Here are some pictures below: Continue reading

Today is the Day (General Conference Week)

calm living propher

Today I am singing in General Conference. Watch Conference here. My experiences of being in Conference will be posted later. Enjoy the pictures below and check out the other General Conference week posts. Continue reading