Happy Mother’s Day!



Happy Mother’s Day to my mom. Actually it would be Mom Month for her, since her birthday is at the end of this month. I cannot express all my gratitude for her in this posts, for how much she has cared, for me, loved me, and given me. Including how much she endured me being the annoying dork that I am. Thank you Mom!

Also, thanks for moms everywhere for doing what you do. Motherhood is a sacred responsibility given to women, which us men cannot comprehend. Below are some quotes and cartoons, I found online today: Continue reading

The Book


The original meme only had Kirk and Picard, so I added the other captains. Captain Archer (the bottom one), is the captain in the prequel series, Enterprise, which takes place before the travels of the other captains. There wasn’t a book on his voyage, so he had to create the rules himself. He later becomes the president of the Federation, so it is safe to say he came up with the Prime Directive, among other rules.