Baptisms for the Dead

Nathaniel Ryan Robinson

On Saturday, I was able to baptize my brother for the dead in the temple. It was my first time baptizing. I was also able to confirm him for the dead, along with other kids that were there. As I was doing this I could feel the Spirit really strongly. I knew that the spirits of those who my brother was being baptized and ordained for (they were family names) were with there watching. This is very special and important, for now they have an opportunity to join the Church, an opportunity they did not have when they were alive. Continue reading


Supervillains-Part Two

Where do the movie villains go to drown their sorrows? Only one place will do. The Villain Pub!

In Episode 1, Lord Voldemort is not happy with the current state of "battles" among his villainous comrades. Join him, Khan, and the Joker as they discuss 
the issue.

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Youth Conference and Journal Writing

Nathaniel Ryan Robinson

Mission JournalThis last weekend I went on a Youth Conference, with the youth in my ward. We went to Flaming Gorge. We camped and went boating, and some of the youth went fishing, but the main part was the devotionals given by the leaders.

The Bishop was the first person to give a devotional. He talked about remembering and journal writing. He said that we should not only write it down, but read what we wrote later. He then told us to write in are journal after each leader devotional. Unfortunately, my journal decided to hide in the trailer. Continue reading