Additions to Other Posts



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This is an addition to my post about Internet Explorer. I waited for the picture to load before I realized that was part of the picture.


Yes, I read it in his voice.



This is my second favorite of the Capaldi face pictures/


Conditioner Gordon 2


This is the answer to one of the important questions.

Use the Force Harry


I thought Magneto was Gandalf, not Professor X…

wpid-IMG_806501817308804.jpegThis is an addition to one of my very first posts.


Do You Read Fiction Books?



No, I think Harry Potter is a Lord of the Rings rip-off…





The title is an inside joke. One day my brother was telling my parents something. My parents said that he was wrong and he said “Do you read non-fiction books?”

My parents knew that he got his facts wrong so they respond back, “Do you read non-fiction books?” Now they use that all the time. This guy who commented on the trailer has obviously not read the Hobbit.