I am a True Missionary

Mission Journal


When I walk ether from school to my bus stop to my mission, or from my mission to  my home, people see my missionary name tag and ask me, “Where is your companion?” I have to explain to them that I am a service missionary and don’t have a companion. Also, when I am walking home I am offered rides. They are worried about me just because I have a missionary tag on! I know that I am a true missionary even though I am not on a full-time proselyting mission.

Mission Report for Last Week

Last week we started indexing pictures. We index the names in the title. We don’t need to but we can look at the pictures. That helps me feel closer to the people, because now they are more than just names.

Yesterday, I went to a fireside for young service missionaries It was a musical fireside with Kenneth Cope. It was very spiritual and I could feel the love that God has for me.