How Does the Holy Ghost Help Me Learn?

The following is an outline based on the lesson of the same name from Come Follow Me, that I gave in Sunday School last week:

How Does the Holy Ghost Help Me Learn?godhead-HG-learn

Excerpt from: “Converted to His Gospel through His Church”, By Elder Donald L. Hallstrom Continue reading

General Conference October 2014


So it was Conference time again. I could feel the Spirit really strong. I do not remember everything that was said, so I am looking forward to reading them later. I know the messages shared were inspired of God. I know we do have a prophet on the earth today, and that he is the Lord’s mouthpiece. Continue reading


Truth Set

Nathaniel Ryan Robinson

cropped-FamilySearchLogo_highres.jpgAt my service mission I have started a new project. After obituaries have been indexed, then reviewed by arbitrators, they now go through a process called truth set. I now get to compare the results from the different indexers and arbitrators, and decide if they are correct. I get to learn more about the people in the obituaries. Most of them are people who died of old age, but I had come across a young girl in a triple homicide, which was interesting (and sad). I can feel the Spirit of Elijah as I do these and actually pay attention to who they are about. I know this is the Lord’s work, and that I am helping bring souls unto Him.


Happy Birthday Grace!

Nathaniel Ryan Robinson

I was unable grace-and-ito post this yesterday, but yesterday was my sister Grace’s birthday.  She is one of my best friends (the one I am stuck with anyways, not that that is a bad thing). She is a good sister and a fun person to have around. I am glad to have her in my life, so Happy Birthday (yesterday), Grace!