News for March 25

First off, check out The Guide to my Universe, for more information on my site. Don’t forget to look at the Mission Briefings for some interactive missions. When new missions appear, I will create another News post for it.

Second I made another Prezi for one of my classes. View it here.

Third, it is Patrick Troughton’s Birthday, so I created a page for the Second Doctor. See the other Doctor’s pages here (there are only three so far, more coming soon). Click on the image below to learn more about Patrick:

Happy BD PT

Watch General Conference


I’m singing in the Afternoon session of General Conference, on April 5th at 2 PM Mountain Daylight time. Go to: to see how you can view it online, or just click here. Now do not go just because I am singing, and go to the other sessions too. Continue reading

My Website is Now Green- Green is Cool!

Since today is the last day of February, so I thought I should decorate for St. Patrick’s Day. This is the first time where I changed the color. Red is my favorite color, but I think it is good to change the color once in a while. So now you cannot pinch my website on March 17.

By the way I have been making pages for each of the incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who. Right now, I only have Nine and Ten, but more are coming Soon(ish)! Click on the picture below to go to them:

Doctor Who St. Patrick's

You Can Now Like or Dislike my Posts

New “like” feature on my posts. You can now like or dislike my posts. Feel free to go to my Blog, scroll down and like or dislike my posts!

Don’t forget to follow my social media sites (see the buttons on the bottom right hand corner or top left).

Aslo, if you see any tpeyos in my pstos, gvie me a cmeonmt and I wlil try to fix ti.

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About My New Banner



I have changed what I call my “banner” (because it is different for each site like, Facebook cover, header, background, etc.). I like the rainbow, for it shows all the colors and I think it is really beautiful. I didn’t like that the LGBT community used it as their symbol, for I really like it, and me posting pictures of rainbows or rainbow colors doesn’t mean I am gay, a gay ally, or girly. So I decided to use it as my symbol to protect the family. Just like the world is giving the rainbow a different meaning, they are also changing God’s definitions of family and marriage. Now, my “campaign” is not just against homosexuality, but also, fornication, adultery, rape, porn, incest, divides in families, etc. Satan is trying hard to attack the family and we should defend it!

For information on why families are important go to: