Ready, Aim, Miss!

Stormtrooper Selfie

“I just hit my target!” said no stormtrooper ever.

Stormtrooper Car


Sorry for those on the e-mail list that got this early! I guess all the previews you get are rewards for signing up. Though you can also get blank posts, and all my other mess ups. I guess I am the opposite of a stormtrooper, I hit the “publish” button too much…

Monday Family Problems


Always sleepy on Mondays. Unless something happens to grab my attention, like this:


Third option: Ask Yoda, who then tells you to send a request to your sister…

Luke has a Sister

…who then proceeds to put it on, in which your father happens to be using, for some unknown reason.


George Lucas Got It Wrong


It really was Obi-Wan who turned to the Dark Side.

wpid-IMG_564308601176658.jpegMore proof that Obi-Wan was the one who turned to the Dark Side. It seems Anakin only turned because he was treated badly. Obi-Wan even admits cutting his legs off.


Meanwhile in China…wpid-IMG_525391968416812.jpeg