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This is an addition to my post about Internet Explorer. I waited for the picture to load before I realized that was part of the picture.


Yes, I read it in his voice.



This is my second favorite of the Capaldi face pictures/


Conditioner Gordon 2


This is the answer to one of the important questions.

Use the Force Harry


I thought Magneto was Gandalf, not Professor X…

wpid-IMG_806501817308804.jpegThis is an addition to one of my very first posts.


Meme Fun


I have been having a lot of fun (and wasting my time) making memes.
Procrastinators Unite!

A lot of these are about me.

Introverts Unite!

The next ones were based off tweets by @DarthVaderAna.


Half the Man


Jar-Jar Abrams

We Have Bacon

Free Wi-Fi

Don't Judge

Force Hug

Han Drinks Out of Solo cups

He went Solo

Wookie For Love

Girlfriend Alderaan

Shooting and Missing

It Never Happens


I told you these were about me…


This was based on a similar meme, but it had the f-word, so I had to

re-make it.


Did you not expect Doctor Who pictures on this post?



I made this to get my sister to watch Doctor Who with me. It worked.Hx832fI


This was my first meme. Click on the picture above to learn more about it, and where it comes from.

Who_GingerWhen two of the most recent Doctors regenerate, they were both disappointed about being ginger. This Doctor had a choice, but he didn’t make his next incarnation ginger (more important things were on his mind).

The Twelfth Doctor’s Costume

The Official Doctor Who Facebook page has revealed the costume for the Twelfth Doctor!

Twelfth Doctor


I really like the red lining. Looking at the comments, fans were disappointed for no distinctive marks (i.e. scarf, celery, multi-colored umbrella, bow-tie, etc.), I believe (and other fans) that it is his eyes. They are really distinctive…


And of course, photo shopped versions of the picture appeared on the internet:



Looks like he followed your advice…


He must of learned from his third incarnation…

Good thing he didn’t use his sixth incarnation’s outfit…

I guess it does look a little Dark Side-ish…

Alright, fine, if you say so…