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General conference was awesome (not as awesome as when I sang in it, but still), and the written versions of the talks just came out today! Click here to see them. This time around, I am planning to write a post for each one individually. Since this will obviously take a while (I probably might finish when next conference comes around…), enjoy some funny memes in the memetime:

Or this blog.
11128183_803449786408007_3452002114936534678_nSpeaking of Khan:11128074_803475299738789_4771690881873046274_nI am glad he had learned from the second Star Trek movie.11068293_803474426405543_4570855685540610194_nSame thing…11138564_803472083072444_2380769053241548580_nYes, yes he is.11010507_803466149739704_2729830168113220106_nAnd speaking of airplanes:11026182_803463276406658_2845007681591266507_nHere is some persuasion to watch conference:


Close quote.

wheres_perryThat is the question…
10174899_803459923073660_5794048678502071223_nAnd this is the song he is playing:


And finally,11127882_803452886407697_9055324694702100706_n

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