Directives for Commenting


Comments must be approved by me before they are posted. I reserve the right to censor or block anything you write. Here are some things that I might censor or block:

  1. Vulgarity (including saying the Lord’s name in vain)
  2. Sexual innuendos.
  3. Racial slurs or anything really offensive to another commenter.

Note: I don not fix typeos on comments. If you want it fixed, comment again with the edited version and <in some sort of bracket tell me to delete the previous comment>. I will delete the bracketed text.


To create your own custom avatar go to, and create a account (top right corner of the site). This account can be used for this site (See Join Our Crew). If you don’t do this you will be upgraded into a Cyberman (that is the default avatar).


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Directives for Commenting — 4 Comments

  1. OK, you already got me…………I didn’t even know what or how to respond to the “prove you are human, please”!!! I am not cool enough for your site!


  2. Well golly, this is one fancy site. However all the Doctor Who is causing me to be a little unsure about who’s side you’re really on… get it? Who’s? Doctor Who? Hilaaaaarious!

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