My Service Mission

I am now serving on a service mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I work for the church’s Genealogy website,

Here are two of my mission reports.


October 20, 2013-

This week is my first week as a Family Search missionary. I have been doing tasks like indexing and arbitrating. I have also learned to do new things like blocking and completion checks. In blocking I am supposed to block images such as camera targets, blank pages, duplicates, etc. I usually look at the thumbnails instead of looking at each picture each time. I only click on the images if they look different. One image had a picture that was placed diagonally on another, which I went to check if it should be blocked. It was a cemetery record that belonged to a man named Nathaniel, which of course stuck out to me. I went to the pictures before and after and it was the same Nathaniel. I found out that there were many duplicates that I was supposed to block, which I wouldn’t of otherwise blocked by just looking at the thumbnails. I know that I was supposed to do that batch in order to notice the duplicates.
Another moment I remember was that one of the other missionaries- the only other one about my age- told me that she appreciated my cheerfulness, for she was having a bad day. I know that I am blessing others, missionaries, spirits in the spirit world, and their descendants has I am doing this work. I know this is where the Lord wanted me to serve my mission.

October 27, 2013-

This week we had a meeting with the Provo mission president. He talked about how the Gospel was being shared through all the world through the internet. I know that the signs of the Second Coming are coming to past. I can feel the spirit when I do my work for my mission. I know that what I am doing is as important as preaching the Gospel on the earth. I hope I continue to feel the spirit during the course of my mission.
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