Post Updates

This is a news post about updates to the post format, including the “continue reading” link.

Post Updates

Post Previews

I have been playing around with my posts, and I am implementing some new features. The first is the “continue reading” link. I figured out that I am able to choose where the preview (on the posts page, an the e-mails), cut off at. I am doing this mostly to make my posts page look better. I am sorry for any inconvenience this makes with those who are e-mail subscribers.

Post Formats

Another feature is the “post format”. It mostly changes posts look like on the posts page, adding a term such as “picture” or video”. Some omit the title, and the “gallery” tells you how many pictures there are in the post. Starting from this post onward here are the formats I will use with each type of post:

Picture- “Picture of the day” posts and any other posts mainly centered around a picture.

Video: “Video of the week” posts, and any other posts centered around a video.

Gallery: A post consisting of multiple pictures, most likely in a slideshow format.

Quote: Posts mainly about a quote (even if it is a picture).

Status: Posts about my life such as those in the “Journal” section of my blog.

Link: My thoughts on posts on other blogs or websites, with the link as the title.

Chat: Things not written by me, including reader’s comments, articles, discussions I have with people, etc. (though I do not get enough comments to address them in a separate post, so I mostly respond in comments).

Audio: A post centered around audio (I probably will not use this one).

Aside: News about my site (like this post).

Standard: A posts I feel like does not fit with the others (maybe stories and other things written by me). Also includes posts created before this one (though I have changed the format and some of them).

Posts Scheduling

“Picture of the Day” posts will no longer be on every single day, but just on weekdays. For weekends, I will do a “Video of the Week” on Saturdays, and a “Spiritual Thought” on Sundays.

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