Quotes From Conference Oct. 2014 Part 2

Saturday Afternoon Session
Dallin H. Oaks

Love one another was a central teaching in His ministry. Love is the very essence of the gospel. We must live in the world but not of it. Contention should be gone away. The father of contention is the devil. We must not surrender our beliefs and values. We should be examples of civility. If we disagree, we should not be disagreeable. We must be civil when discussing our differences, especially in the family.


Neil L. Andersen

We must ask of God. Spiritual questions receive spiritual answers. Interviewing defectors to learn about a religion is like interviewing Judas to learn about Jesus. Internet information does not have a truth filter. We must adjust our own spiritual oxygen masks, so we can help others learn the truth. We should never extinguish our own spiritual flame.


Tad R. Callister

It is the parents who should teach the gospel to the family. Our children must have the protective power of prayer.  God never gives us responsibility without giving us divine aid.


Jorg Klebihgat

  1. Take responsibility for your own choices.
  2. Take responsibility for your physical body.
  3. Embrace full obedience in your life.
  4. Embrace the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
  5. Become really, really, really good at forgiving.
  6. Except trials and setbacks as part of your mortal experience.


Eduardo Gaverret

Christ invites us to follow Him. Missionaries invite non members to follow Christ. This has been the message from missionaries from the beginning. Following Christ can guide our footsteps.


Jeffrey R. Holland

Jesus’ first mission was to help the poor and poor in heart. We must administer to the the poor and needed. We obtain a remission of our sins when we plead with God, but we retain it by helping the poor. We must help ourselves before we receive help from others.


  1. Tom Perry

The only way to find peace is to look at the Savior and live. We must not let the noise of the world empower the still, small voice.

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