Quotes From Conference Oct. 2014 Part 5

Sunday Afternoon Session

M. Russell Ballard

Let us stick to the gospel. The Church leaders do not live in a bubble. They travel around the world and met more people. We should focus on living and studying the gospel of Christ. God will guide us right.


Richard G. Scott

We are blessed with agency to make decisions. Are purposed in coming here is to be tested, tried, and stretched. We must exercise our faith. The first tool is prayer. We need to take time to share with God everything in your life. Family prayer should be a non negotiable activity in our lives. We need to read His word, study the scriptures and ponder them. Studying the scriptures can bring us peace. Family Home Evening is a precious time to share our testimony.


Carlos A. Godoy

How we can make sure if we are making the best decisions?

  1. We must have the end in mind. What does the Lord except from each of us?
  2. We need to be prepared for the challenges that will come. We are children of God and He loves us. He wants us to grow.
  3. We need to share our vision to others. When we decide to make a certain path, the people we love will be affected. God lives and He is our father.


Allan F. Packer

Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can all be saved. The Church helps, but cannot do it for us. Temple and Family History work is part of living the gospel at home. The work should and can be done by members at any age.


Hugo E. Martinez

Those who serve in some thing is go for something, those who serve in no thing is good for nothing. The teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ show us the way. First observe then serve. Being a good example of Jesus Christ is the best introduction letter.


Larry S. Kacher

There are many currents in this life. Some safe and some dangerous. There is opposition in all things. Our choices do not affect only us. The currents we choose to follow are important. Are my decisions planted in the gospel of Jesus Christ?


David A. Bednar

A missionary is a follower of Jesus Christ who testifies of Him. Our Church is and will always be a missionary church. We want to share with others things that have helped us. The Atonement of Jesus Christ provides the cleanser for our sins.


Thomas S. Monson

Our hearts have been touched and our faith strengthened.

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