Quotes From Conference October 2014 Part 4


Sunday Morning Session

Henry B. Eyring

Revelation continues on the earth. Heavenly Father hears our voice and knows us by name. He pours out revelation to us.


Russell M. Nelson

Prophets made not elected. We do not vote for them, but we do sustain them. Sustaining the Prophet means that we will support and stand behind them. The decisions of the 15 Apostles must be unanimous. The Church today has been established by Christ Himself.


Carol F. McConkie

The Prophets holds all the priesthood keys on the Church. We have been commanded to sustain the Prophet. Following the Prophet is always right.


Robert D. Hales

Feast upon the words of Christ, for they will tell you what is true. We should ask God if these things are true. The Holy Ghost will tell us the truth of all things.


James J. Hamula

The sacrament replaces animal sacrifice. He sacrament reminds us of Christ’s redemption of us.


Thomas S. Monson

We are to be as Christ. Walking where Jesus walked is less important as walking as he walked. Jesus taught us how to pray. He teaches us to be morally clean in our thoughts and actions. His path will take us safely home.

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