Singing in General Conference


Yesterday, I got the opportunity to sing in General Conference. I felt the Spirit so strongly while I sang. I am glad I was able to share my testimony of the Gospel through song. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. I made some new friends, and was able to share the Spirit to the whole world. Click here to see the videos. Here are some pictures below:

Sing Glory

 Other than the whole choir shots where you have to pause and look carefully to find me, I was only shown in Glory to God on High, and High on the Mountain Top. In the first one I am only there for a second. Here it is below:

Glory Close

 I promise, I did sing the other two (well, one was a congregational Hymn, so hopefully you sang too).

High Mountain

 In High on the Mountain Top, I had a few more seconds of screen time.


 That awkward moment when you get to be on TV, but you make the weirdest faces…


face friend

 My friend, Derek and I having a face-pulling contest.


 Finally, I actually look like I am singing. I will use this one as my Facebook profile pic…

Bro Eggett

 At least I am not the conductor who gets the most screen time, who is also waving his arms all over like a crazy person. Poor Bro. Eggett!

choir ladies

 At least the ladies look good…

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