Somebody Really Likes Peter Capaldi’s Face

In the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi, the new doctor, appeared, but only as an upper facial shot. Here is the scene:

Since then, I have been seeing his face all over the internet.


Twilight would of been more interesting…



That explains his facial expression…




That one is my favorite.




Okay, this is now getting old. Don’t you have something better to do? The Twilight and Hulk ones aren’t even good photoshop jobs…

Silence Will Fall…

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… When one Forgets, wait! What was the title again?

For those who don’t know these are aliens from Doctor Who. They are called the Silence or Silents. They are priests that were made to make you forget what you confessed. When you look away, you forget that they even existed. They are part of the prophecy to the Doctor, “Silence will fall when the question is asked” The question was “Doctor who?”, which of course is a continuity nod.

One last one:


All 12/13/14/2 Doctors


White: Official numbering
Red: Including the War Doctor (as number 9)
Blue: Including the Tenth Doctor’s second regeneration
Green: Numbering of incarnations in the Doctor’s second regeneration cycle (in The Time of the Doctor the Eleventh Doctor briefly goes back to his younger state because he is the first incarnation in the second cycle.)

Or this might help clear it up:

Numbering of the Doctors