News for March 25

First off, check out The Guide to my Universe, for more information on my site. Don’t forget to look at the Mission Briefings for some interactive missions. When new missions appear, I will create another News post for it.

Second I made another Prezi for one of my classes. View it here.

Third, it is Patrick Troughton’s Birthday, so I created a page for the Second Doctor. See the other Doctor’s pages here (there are only three so far, more coming soon). Click on the image below to learn more about Patrick:

Happy BD PT

Happy Birthday Nine

Today is Christopher Eccleston’s Birthday. He played the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who, and lots of villains, most recently in Thor: The Dark World (which I have yet to see).

Happy Birthday NineI am now in the process of creating “Personnel Files” for each of the Doctor’s I made Nine’s First for his birthday. Click on the picture above to see it.

Oh, and it is also my Grandma Bush’s Birthday. Continue reading