The Way- The Doctrine of Christ

I am a Sunday School teacher for my Ward (name for a Mormon congregation). Today a gave a lesson on the doctrine of Christ. I basically had the class teach me and my co-teacher as if we were not members of the Church. One thing we discussed is why are we here? Why would God send us to a place where we can get hurt? Why does He give us rules and punishments? The answer is that we were sent here to learn. If we don’t learn we can’t progress. Like parents on earth (God is our literal spiritual Father), He has rules to keep us safe. He wants us to learn, so He gives us a choice to follow those rules or not. All our choices have consequences. Whether it be punishment or reward. Continue reading

To Turn the Hearts

I was thinking this week, that when I am on my mission I can feel the Spirit more when I do things where I have to actually look at the records of those who died.. Even if I read their name, I can feel that they are actually there. I know that what is written in Malachi 4:6 is true: “And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

Being Respectful While Sharing the Gospel

I have been having many conversations online about the Gospel. Most of them are about same-sex marriage. I find that if I thank them for the conversation after and let them know I too, respect their beliefs, that they will not be offended, and will be more open-minded when they see others share the Gospel. I think those that are willing to talk to me, especially those who are willing to listen to me, and not call me ‘bigot”, for that is not a valid argument for that word is only used as opion not as fact. However I am not offended and still thank those who read my comments even if they were trying to insult me, and rethink my views. I hope that I can continue sharing the Gospel and I feel the spirit as I do it. Continue reading

The Church and Same-Sex Marriage according to Allen Wyatt

In recent events, The Church’s stand on Marriage being between a man and a woman has been challenged. I think my former Bishop, Allen Wyatt does a good job at explaining the Church’s views on the subject. Now of course these are still his views. But I still thinks he does a good job. click on the links below. Continue reading