Thorsday: The Dark World



Last week I saw Thor: The Dark World for the first time. I was disappointed by Christopher Eccleston’s character being one dimensional, but I guess that is what you get from a character that wants everything to be darkness, with no other motives. Loki however is very dimensional and he became the real villain, again….

Why Is 7 Afraid of 8?

To lead into the joke, for the non-Whovians, I will list the actors for The Doctor and their Doctor number:

1. William Hartnell, 2. Patrick Troughton, 3. Jon Pertwee, 4. Tom Baker, 5. Peter Davison, 6. Colin Baker, 7. Sylvester McCoy. 8. Paul McGann, WAR. John Hurt, 9. Christopher Eccleston, 10. David Tennant, 11. Matt Smith, 12. Peter Capaldi


Because 8, 8.5, 9


Happy Birthday Nine

Today is Christopher Eccleston’s Birthday. He played the Ninth Doctor in Doctor Who, and lots of villains, most recently in Thor: The Dark World (which I have yet to see).

Happy Birthday NineI am now in the process of creating “Personnel Files” for each of the Doctor’s I made Nine’s First for his birthday. Click on the picture above to see it.

Oh, and it is also my Grandma Bush’s Birthday. Continue reading

Additions to Other Posts



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This is an addition to my post about Internet Explorer. I waited for the picture to load before I realized that was part of the picture.


Yes, I read it in his voice.



This is my second favorite of the Capaldi face pictures/


Conditioner Gordon 2


This is the answer to one of the important questions.

Use the Force Harry


I thought Magneto was Gandalf, not Professor X…

wpid-IMG_806501817308804.jpegThis is an addition to one of my very first posts.


Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes with the Doctor

Doctor Head shoulders knees and toes

 To the tune of Head, shoulders, knees, and toes:

Ears, teeth, legs, and kidneys, legs and kidneys, legs and kidneys, ears, teeth, legs, and kidneys, two hearts, I’m a Time Lord!