There Has Been An Awakening

Well I haven’t written in my blog for a while, so I’ll startstar-wars-force-awakens-official-poster up again. Yesterday the new Star Wars movie came out (in case you ventured outside the galaxy for the last couple years), and though I haven’t seen it yet I am excited for it to come out. However, I won’t be able to see it till January 12 (but that’s okay, I will be getting in for free, so I can’t complain). The main reason I am writing this post is to show you this video I cannot stop watching (see video below). Hopefully I will be able to write more posts (and actually write instead of just posting pictures and videos) in the future. Continue reading


Supervillains-Part Two

Where do the movie villains go to drown their sorrows? Only one place will do. The Villain Pub!

In Episode 1, Lord Voldemort is not happy with the current state of "battles" among his villainous comrades. Join him, Khan, and the Joker as they discuss 
the issue.

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