Doctor Who is Awesome!


Doctor Who is so awesome that…

Triceratops Riding

Dinosaurs can be ridden on spaceships.


Death can be escaped.

Pop-up blocker

Pop-up blockers are ineffective.

Occupy Gallifrey

Even the actors are fans (except for Christopher Eccleston)!

eight is jefferson

The Doctor is a time traveler, so he could of been many historical figures, or at least met them…

Doctor's Daughter

The Doctor has mixed up relations…

Doctor Relations

Remember that next time you time travel.


Bubble wrap is super advanced alien technology (the Daleks brought it).

Should Be Studying

Can’t Decide between studying and Doctor Who…

David Tennant has spoken

…or sleeping.

Self to Note

You can no longer read headlines right:

Doctor Who Aided Raid

What about Doctor Who and Bin Laden? Oh, it is talking about a doctor, who aided the Bin Laden raid. Stop confusing us Whovians…

And remember, there is no such thing as watching too much Doctor Who.