“R U My Mummy” Plague is Spreading!

rumymummyEARTH-According to Plague Inc., the International Authority on plagues, the virus “R U My Mummy” has spread. The picture above is what will happen if we do not find a cure!10 Doctor Who The Empty Child

The side affects of this plague consist of zombies wearing gas masks, with cuts on their hands. No deaths have been reported, but just a touch of these zombies will turn you into them. Humanity is in danger, we must find a cure and quick!

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Behold the Mighty Turtle-Dragon

Kidnapp Peach

I haven’t posted many video game related posts, mostly because the only video game I really am playing is a Doctor Who one. So I decided to make one about my favorite video game character.

Peach Bowser



Yea and Mario is a mass murder too. How many Toads has Bowser murdered compared to the goombas and koopas Mario has killed?

Bowser mario go kart

Invites or does Bowser threaten him if he can’t go.

Delete Bowser

Mario Kart is my favorite Wii game.